Before You Can Create Campaigns or use DFY Services You Must Complete Your Account Set Up

What to expect - Please Read:

Required: Complete the Quick Start Step by Step Guide Before You Book Your Call

If after completing this training you do not have any further account set up questions please cancel any scheduled appointment to make room for someone with questions.

This is an INTRODUCTORY training intended for new members with individual and specific questions about setting up their Company Account (not campaigns).  On this call we will ensure that your account is set up correctly so that you may access the standard system training. 

We will not review “general” training that is not specific to you or your account such as requesting a list or setting up a campaign. 

We hold weekly live sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that teach this, there is also extensive training on the Members tab specifically designed to teach you these tools. 

The live meetings are intended to assist members who have COMPLETED the Quick Start Guide and still have questions about getting their account set up.

You can also follow along live with the Strategy Session #1 Found Here: 

These meetings will cover the exact same account set up steps found in the Members Area on Strategy Session #1. 

  • Click the MEMBERS Tab
  • Click the STRATEGY SESSIONS sub tab
  • Click Session 1: Setting up your InstantReply account
  • If after completing this training you do not have any further account set up questions please cancel your meeting appointment to make room for someone with questions. 

Account set up training is limited to: 

  1. “From e-mail” Domain Selection 
  2. Company Contact Information Input into InstantReply
  3. Validating your destination phone number (where inbound calls will be routed to)
  4. Choosing your 2 Company Phone numbers (the tracking numbers assigned to your company that track responses)
  5. We will then show you where to find the system training on how to generate/request lists and set up campaigns, etc. 
  • We will not be reviewing setting up campaigns or other implementation on this call. We will walk you through finding the training on these tools as well as the “Advanced Features” training on the “Quick Start Videos” and “IntantReply Training” sub tabs in the members area.
  • The support team is not able to discuss or advise on any sales strategy questions.  Strategy Questions should be posted in the Facebook group or discussed on Strategy Session calls with Brian. 

We have developed the Quick Start Videos and System training specifically for new members and when completed, this training answers 99.99% of every question we have received from InstantReply customers.

If after you've completed these trainings you still have questions we will help you via the support team at

I understand that this meeting is limited to answering questions I have about setting up my account and will not include training on general usage such as setting up campaigns, nor will it include any sales/strategy assistance. I agree that I will go through the Strategy Session #1 Training before my Account Set Up Meeting.